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Work at Source Hero

There are always opportunities for talented people to join our epic team

We are humble game-changers on a mission to provide solutions to businesses nationwide. We do big things, but we approach our work with humility. We’re helping people do more, learn more, and have more fulfilling careers. We’re united by an ambitious purpose.

Accelerating human achievement by shaping the future of work is why we get out of bed every morning. It’s what drives us. And since that’s such a lofty goal, we never stop questioning, challenging, and debating—and we want our people to as well. Because we believe that’s the only way we’ll succeed.

Source Hero employees enjoy these perks

Commission-Based Pay

At Source Hero we offer competitive commission-based pay.

Quarterly Profit-Sharing Bonuses

In addition to competitive commission-based pay, Source Hero offers quarterly profit-sharing bonuses.

Remote/Work From Home

All positions at Source Hero are remote. 

Company Gifting

Our team members are also rewarded with company gifts, to show our appreciation for their dedication to the success of the team and Source Hero.

Team Gear

All Source Hero Employees receive gear[select clothing items] to show off their company support.

Team Hub

All team members will have access to our team hub, and support.

Open positions at Source Hero

Sales Consultants

As a sales consultant for Source Hero your objective is to:

- host demo calls with prospective clients

- learn more about businesses you come in contact with

- identify problems/weaknesses that are causing stress on

the business and/or business owner

- provide solutions


  • Proven experience in Online Sales

  • Reliable PC or Laptop

  • Strong Internet Connection

  • Must not be in any exclusive contracts

  • Motivation and proven track record

Account Managers

As an account manager for Source Hero your objective is to:

- Understand where the client is currently in their business

- Understand their goals (short term and Long term)

- helping them map out a plan of action

- recommend or offer services[ Listings on Demand, online listings, logo branding]


  • Proven experience in Account Management

  • Reliable PC or Laptop

  • Strong Internet Connection

  • Strong Communication Skills

  • Motivation and dedication to client success


As an assistant for Source Hero senior management your objective is to:

- schedule meetings with the assigned management team member

- take calls on management's behalf

- make travel accommodations

- process orders for management

- conduct meetings while management is away

- act as the initial point of contact for management


  • Past experience working for senior management

  • Reliable PC or Laptop

  • Strong Internet connection

  • Ability to work as needed

  • Ability to travel for work as needed

  • Flexible hours

  • Meticulous and Detail-Oreiented

  • Efficient time management

  • Motivation to help senior management succeed

Support Agents

As a support agent your objective is to:

- answer tickets

- help clients navigate Source Hero

- act as a liaison for clients and Source Hero

- escalate tickets needing attention from management

- help clients have an overall customer experience and foster loyalty


  • Experience in customer service

  • Reliable PC or Laptop

  • Strong Internet Connection

  • Great communication skills

  • Motivation to help clients and team succeed

Senior Level Management

As we expand our team we are looking for experienced professionals with leadership capabilities. There are multiple senior-level positions:

- Director of Sales: oversees sales consultants, and brokers enterprise accounts.

- Director of Client Relations: oversees account managers, and handles enterprise accounts directly.

- Director of Customer Support: oversees support agents, and handles enterprise accounts directly.

- Director of Operations/COO: VP of the company, oversees directors, and stand-in for CEO.


  • Experience and proven track record in management

  • Experience with Source Hero Software 

  • Strong communication skills

  • Detail-Oriented

  • Ability to give direction and delegate tasks efficiently

  • Ability to train according to Source Hero values

  • Motivation to help Source Hero succeed

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